Welcome to McCormick Arena, a City of Toronto Arena operated by a Board of Management. McCormick arena is a community-based facility serving the Parkdale area of Toronto since 1972. More than 60% of all ice rentals are being used by youth organizations.

McCormick operates year round and continues to provide you with an exceptional facility. McCormick consists of two ice surfaces. One official size 180’ x 80’ and a studio size rink 180’ by 50’. Both rinks are available for rent subject to availability. We will be happy to help you. Call 416-392-0647 or email mail@mccormickarena.com


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Ever wonder who the “McCormick” is that our arena, playground and recreation centre are named after? Have a look at this article by The Blok: The Mystery of Miss Mary McCormick

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McCormick Arena

mail@mccormickarena.com  416-392-0647

McCormick Arena 179 Brock Ave Toronto ON M6K 2L7 Phone: 416-392-0647 Fax: 416-392-1395 email: mail@mccormickarena.com

“Where neighbours play”